John McManus
Founder, CEO, Game Designer, Programmer, Problem Solver (amongst other things) Ironman Tri-Athelte, Cisco CCIE, Bachelor's Degree in Software Engineering. I was introduced to computers in 1982 when a friend showed me JetPac on the ZX Spectrum 16k, I have never looked back. I got my own 48k the next Christmas and enjoyed the way these games could take you into a fantasy world even without 1 million polygons. I decided then I wanted to be a programmer and started to write routines and games in basic. This seem perfectly normal for me between the ages of 13 and 15 to learn to code, hexadecimal, binary and logic. Looking back now it might have been a bit weird. I never quite made it into machine code, mainly due to lack of resources. I had lots of small basic games and adventure games I wrote back then, so many great memories how I which I had preserved them somehow. Fast forward a few years. I decided I needed needed to go to university to be able to work in computers, so I knew where I wanted to go and made the grades I needed to get there. (First in my family to go to University) Got to the end and landed a job a programming on Dec VAX proFortran. Was really enjoying doing it, but found I had a knack for fixing problems. Next 18 years or so developed myself into a Network Architect, making sure communication can flow between these type of programmes I use to write. I did still do some programming, I once wrote a vbscript for re-permission Microsoft Exchange mailboxes and the company I worked for at the time sole the rights to use it to a 3rd party for £20K. I was well chuffed with that, even if not a penny was for me. I still programmed and played games at home, I have fond memories of a spell using DJGPP and Allegro on my PC. 2012 I now find myself in the world of Apple and picking up coding again. I decided it would 'easy' to write a TaeKwonDo quiz app for my local TKD club in objective-C and I was half right. Anyway this was the first app I have written and publish. 2015 - this is here as an outlet for publish apps. Have fun makeing Games and Apps.

Claire Quinn (Off On Assignment)
Founder, CCO, Artist and Graphics Designer. Art monkey and general jack of all trades. Tae Kwon-Do black belt, social network addict, BA Hons Degree in Computer Animation and Digital Art. Claire is the art monkey of the operation. She has been working in the creative industry for over 10 years on a range of projects such as children’s TV series, feature films, independent films, 3D games, web based games and a few graphic design studios thrown in just for good measure. Being constantly attached to her phone, it made sense to start design for IOS apps and games.

Our Story

Glasgow based independent / self funded development duo making cool IOS apps and games.

Early history
AppyAppster really started before the company was formed. John and Clare met at the local TaeKwonDo (TKD) club. Our first collaboration was a TaeKwonDo quiz app, where John wrote his first ever Objective-C application and Claire put together the design and graphics. John continued to play with iOS and was keen on building apps and games bringing back memories of his old ZX Spectrum bedroom coding days where he wrote his own adventure games and arcade clones such as Hypersport. Unfortunately these ZX Spectrum game did not go beyond the point of distributing to anyone but friends. After the TKD quiz collaboration, John started writing Prototype Games but had no graphics ability or any QA skills. Claire was already working in the Interactive Media sector and an accomplished 3D artist with a passion for games. John showed her some of his game concepts and a partnership was formed and so was AppyAppster.